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Pads, Oil Only, 17" x 15", 17 gal. Absorbancy, SPC Basic™ Sorbents,



  • Superior structure with great absorbency
  • SPC Basic ™ line of oil only and universal sorbents equip companies of all sizes and budgets with absorbent solutions for a safe, compliant and productive work environment
  • Made from meltblown polypropylene, this single-ply absorbent is value-priced for a good quality, economical sorbent
  • Recommended use for all your basic drips and spills; ; SPC Basic ™ Sorbent Features & Benefits:;
  • Absorbs up to 20 times their weight
  • Dimpled for additional durability
  • Perforated to minimize waste - Use only what you need
  • Cost effective with less disposal costs
  • Economical - Low cost alternative
  • Low linting finish
  • Provides users with a durable absorbent for cleaning up petroleum-based spills and leaks
  • Repels water, floats indefinitely and is effective in both industrial and environmental applications

SEB508  Heavyweight

Shipping Information
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Length: 17.0 in
  • Height: 15.0 in
  • Manufacturer: SPC
  • Language: English
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Type: Absorbent Pads in
  • Subject: Spill Clean up
  • Aborbency/Package: 17 gal
  • Quantity/Package: 100/bdl

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