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Spill Pallets, 4-Drum Ultra-Hard Top Plus®, 66" L x 64" W x 84" H, 9000 lbs. Load Capacity

4 Drum Ultra-Hard Top W/ No Drain

  • Provides a safe, convenient and effective place to store up to four 55-gallon drums
  • Roll-top doors above and swing out doors below provide complete and easy access to the inside spill containment area
  • Protect drums from the elements
  • Unique "dual enclosure" offers significant ergonomic and convenience benefits as drums can be easily accessed from either side
  • Low profile containment pallet positions drum-tops at a safe, convenient level to pour wastes into funnels or to use drum pumps
  • Forkliftable, lockable, all-polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode
  • Helps meet new Stormwater Management Regulations - NPDES, 40 CFR 122.26
  • Front doors swing wide allowing access to drums pre-loaded on wooden pallets
  • Optional polyethylene ramp provides convenient drum handling and can be stored inside containment unit when not in use


Shipping Information
  • Weight: 440.0 lbs
  • Length: 66.0 in
  • Height: 84.0 in
  • Manufacturer: Ultratech
  • Language: English
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Type: Load Bearing: 9000 lbs in
  • Subject: Spill containment
  • Aborbency/Package: Sump Capacity: 75 US Gal
  • Quantity/Package: each
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