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Spill Pallet, Standard DripPillow Berms™ - Refill Pads

Standard Drip Pillow Bern Replacement Pads  (5685-WH)

Box of 5

  • Ideal for outdoor leaks and spills under vehicles, hydraulic lines or equipment
  • Designed as durable, portable drip-pan
  • Stable weighted base will not flip, tip or splash in windy conditions
  • Compatible with all fuels and hydrocarbons
  • Folds for easy carrying and storage
  • Standard includes grounding strap, weighted base and UV resistant removable pad
  • Off-Road includes corner grommets and an additional weighted base allowing for easy staking and security in high-wind and rugged terrain applications


  • Manufacturer: Enpac
  • Subject: Spill
  • Aborbency/Package: 4 Gal.
  • Quantity/Package: 5
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