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Myers 500L Standard Duty Storage Tank System

500L Myers SD Storage Tank System

Standard Duty Systems are recommended for areas that do not expose the tank system to any potential impacts. Fixed cage or bollard-protected sites are recommended. These tanks may be converted from used product collection and storage to new product storage and dispensing.

Design Features - Primary Containment:

- 3/16” / 4.8mm Spun Roof (1/8” / 3.2mm on mini) - 1/8” / 3.22mm Spun Floor - 1/8” / 3.2mm Shell - Vent Stack Height: 11’3” / 3500mm - Patented Emergency Vent / Fill-Funnel System

Design Features - Secondary Containment:

- 1/8” / 3.2mm Shell - 1/8” / 3.22mm Floor - 3-point support legs: 4” / 100mm high


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