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Dust Suppression, Proguard Mag 30% - Includes Application

Proguard Mag 30% Dust Suppressant - Includes Application

The hygroscopic properties of magnesium chloride keep the ground moist providing maximum control of dust and dirt. ProGuard™ MAG can be used on gravel roads, parking lots and driveways as well as in mining operations and construction areas.

A high performance dust control agent, ProGuard™ MAG is designed to:

  • Create safer road conditions by increasing driver visibility.
  • Promote healthier air quality for people, pets and plants by protecting against the health threats of fugitive dust which can aggravate respiratory problems.
  • Reduce costly soil erosion and loss of aggregate resulting in longer lasting, safer roads and surfaces.
  • Prevent fugitive dust from washing off into streams, creeks and lakes improving water quality.


  • Manufacturer: Innovative Surface Solutions
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