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Cabinet, Lithium-Ion Charging Cabinet, 90 Min Fire Resistant, 4 Shelves, 2 Doors

Cabinet, Lithium-Ion Charging Cabinet, 90 Min Fire Resistant, 4 Shelves, 2 Doors

  • For charging and storage of undamaged lithium-Ion batteries
  • All-round protection: 90 min fire protection from the outside in and inside out
  • With thermal activated fire suppression
  • Smoke detector with external alarm contact
  • 2 power strips with 10 socket each (20 sockets in total)
  • With tested, liquid-tight spill sump (powder coated sheet steel), for containment of any leaks form burning or defective batteries
  • With permanently self-closing doors and quality oil-damped door closers. Doors can be locked with a profile cylinder (closing system compatible) and lock indicator (red/green)
  • Accessible underneath, allowing for easy moving and quick rapid evacuation in an emergency
  • With adjustable feet to be used on uneven floor surfaces
  • Extremely robust construction with scratch -proof paints
  • We strongly recommend that the cabinets are sited at ground floor-level so that evacuation can take place quickly in the event of an incident
  • Each of the four shelves measures 41 In X 17 In and has a weight capacity of 165 Lbs
  • max weight of each battery is 33 LBS
  • The quantity of batteries should match the quantity of battery units and chargers, collectively covering 60% of the grid shelf space.
  • Image shown is the UK version, CAD images are coming soon


Shipping Information
  • Weight: 1045.0 lbs
  • Length: 58.0 in
  • Height: 85.5 in
  • Manufacturer: ASECOS
  • Material: Sheet Steel
  • Subject: Lithium-Ion Battery Storage
Speak to a Rep (705) 733-3342
Typically ships within 1-3 business days.

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