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Double walled, Vacuum Monitored Utility Tank, S601 with CAN/ULC label affixed to tank

Used for storage of flammable and combustible liquids.  Available in horizontal and vertical type configurations.

Various Standard sizes available:

#91600  454 Litres

#91605   910 Litres

#91610   1135 Litres

#91615   1345 Litres

#91620   2270 Litres   (500 gal)

#91625   4540 Litres  

Materials:  steel Sheet ASTM A1011 or equal

Equipped with heavy duty cradles welded to tank

Interior of tank as welded

Exterior Surface blasted in accordance to SSPC-SP6, Coated with one coat Epoxy primer and top coat with white Urethane Paint, other colour available on request

Custom fabrication of special sizes

35 kPa factory air test inspection

Venting is 150 mm above spill containment

All attachments including Spill Containment, Venting, Vacuum Gauge and Leg Support are all Can/ULC listed

All Decals to be bilingual (English & French)

Installation instruction and warranty documents supplied with all tanks

Speak to a Rep (705) 733-3342

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